Manual pallet truck

Manual pallet truck is a mechanical-hydraulic system that serves to manually lift and move pallets. It is primarily used to move pallets for short distances in the warehouse and organizing pallets inside a trailer, especially when there is no access to a forklift.

The manual pallet trucks offered by PRONSTALL are a cost-effective solution for many transport tasks involving short distances.

We have the right model for every customer. Their high capacity and easy maneuverability in tight spaces make hand pallet trucks the ideal warehouse aid.

If you transport large quantities of goods and heavy loads over short distances on a daily basis, you will benefit from using our hand pallet trucks. The quality materials used for manufacturing make the hand pallet trucks work smoothly with minimal noise.

Ddifferent models are suitable not only for standard European pallets but can also be used for transporting special and non-standard pallets and loads.

Classic hand pallet trucks are the best-selling model in their class. They are extremely light and easy to work with. Teflon bushings and joints ensure quiet operation and long service life. A quality hydraulic system reduces the required pumping force, while a special lowering valve enables gentle lowering of the load with extreme precision. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the manual pallet truck can be easily maneuvered in the tightest of spaces.

For work in the food industry, we also offer suitable variants of a manual pallet truck made entirely of chrome-nickel steel (stainless steel).

In many cases, goods must be weighed and transported to warehouses, production facilities and shipping. For such applications, we can offer you a manual pallet truck with a scale. Weighing cells are located at the four end points of the forks, thus ensuring precise weighing operations.

Our hand pallet trucks are a cost-effective solution for many transport tasks involving short distances.