Automated Pallet Storage Systems (APSS) are storage solutions using cranes for stacking pallet units or similar automatic mechanisms for handling loads grouped in pallets. They offer high-density storage, thanks to reducing the working corridors between the racking blocks and the increasing storage height. APSS use minimal response time and high pallet unit loading and retrieval speeds. The reliability of ASSP systems allows immediate inventory of stored products and reduces errors when working with stored goods.


Automated warehouses for pallets are designed and installed in an independent warehouse or a self-supporting warehouse structure with a height of up to 45 meters. That makes the level of space use extremely high. The positions for placing pallets, lattice boxes and separate bearing systems can withstand loads up to 8 tons. These warehouses are suitable for almost all types of goods and can be used in standard temperature storage rooms and deep-freeze chambers (up to -35 ° C).


Automated pallet storage systems are usually fully automated systems. However, they can also be ideal for semi-automated solutions. Partially automated pallet storage systems can operate as a buffer or backup storage systems.


Advantages of ASSP:

  • The high processing speed of warehouse stocks.
  • The high storage density of pallet units.
  • Minimum staff.
  • Decrease in errors.
  • Monitoring of warehouse stocks.
  • Reduces the time for loading and unloading goods;
  • High performance;
  • Optimize space and increased storage capacity.
  • Low risk of accidents;
  • Reduce damage to the shelving system.
  • Greater control of stored goods and flow.
  • Reduction of operator risks.
  • Better inventory management.
  • Eliminate errors.
  • Automated operations (24/7)