Mobile cantilever racks are the most functional solution for optimizing the available storage space. Their principle of operation increases the capacity of the warehouse up to 85%, compared to universal cantilever racks, while maintaining individual access to each load.


The racking system does not require working corridors, as the racks are fixed on mobile bases, which in turn are mounted on rails. The base platform has electric motors with remote control access to the racking corridors. Alongside these is a sensor system for protection against any unwanted movement in the working aisle. As a result, efficiency and safety at work increases.


Main advantages of mobile cantilever racks:

  • A maximum amount of goods preserved in minimum storage space.
  • Access to each stored cargo.
  • High work automation and cost reduction.
  • Adaptability to any size and weight of the load.
  • Allow storage of materials such as beams, profiles, pipes, timber, foil, rolls of fabric and more.
  • Simultaneous storage of goods of different lengths.
  • The high load-bearing capacity of the rack construction.
  • They save significant investment in the construction of the warehouse.


Cantilever racks have wide aisles. By choosing mobile cantilever racks, you will save storage space and reduce costs. These are cantilever racks secured on movable structures. The structures are operated automatically or manually on rails mounted on the floor. Here, mobile cantilever racks are controllable via an easy-to-use control panel or remote control.


Mobile cantilever racks need only one working corridor between the individual rack blocks, which maximizes the utility of floor space in the warehouse. This solution allows you to save a large amount of space. Also, save investment costs for a new building or improve the efficiency of an existing one. Our mobile cantilever racks can be customized for you, depending on your individual storage needs and your available storage space.