Mobile racks for pallets are the most effective solution for optimizing the available storage space. Their principle of operation allows an increased capacity of the warehouse of up to 85%, compared to universal pallet racking, while maintaining individual access to each pallet.


They are highly suitable for cold stores with a high total investment value and high operating costs. The racking system does not require working corridors, as the racks are installed on mobile bases and mounted on rails. The mobile foundation has electric motors with remote control of access to the rack corridors. Alongside it is a sensor system for protection against unwanted movement of the pallets, which increases efficiency and safety at work.


Main advantages of mobile pallet racks:

  • A maximum number of pallets can be stored in minimum storage space.
  • Access to each stored pallet.
  • High work automation and lower storage costs per pallet unit.
  • Quick access to each pallet. This advantage allows working with goods with short shelf life or requiring special conditions, such as refrigerators.


Mobile pallet racks have several advantages over stationary pallet racks. In the classic installation of ordinary racking systems between the racking, blocks are left to service the racks of storage equipment. Mobile shelving systems only need one working corridor between the shelving units. The selected platform moves while the others remain enclosed in blocks and take up minimal space.


Thus, the appliance of available shelving on mobile platforms is the most efficient in terms of investment and the fastest way to increase storage capacity in existing warehouses. Standard pallet racks could be replaced with twice the amount of mobile racks. You can also free up half of the storage space to expand production capacity or other needs. If the warehouse is under construction, incorporating mobile pallet racks in the project allows you to limit half of the storage area and save from its assembly and further operation.