• UNIVERSAL pallet racks offered by PROINSTALL are modular pallet storage systems that provide variability for both large and small warehouses. UNIVERSAL pallet racks are designed as self-supporting steel structures. This modular storage system allows optimization and use of storage space. Assembly and disassembly are quick and easy.


    Universal pallet racks are suitable for all types of pallets - not only for Euro Pallets, which are the most common but also for industrial pallets or metal and plastic containers. Universal pallet racks allow access to each pallet for easy storage of goods and stock monitoring. The construction of the pallet racks is built to meet the strict requirements of EU standards.


    Universal pallet racks are the most common type. They are used in almost all branches of industry and logistics. That is due to their flexibility and ability to adapt to any storage space.


    The construction consists of single or double blocks with wide corridors in between them, allowing permanent, free access to each pallet. The modular nature of the shelving system allows a quick change of configuration at any time, as well as its staged construction or extension.


    The pallet racking project is provided free of charge based on the technical specifications provided by the customer. Projects are always considered individually for each warehouse. At the request (Optional) of the customer, it is possible to supplement the racks with safety guards, chipboard shelves, steel grilles, crossbeams and other accessories. It is possible to install pallet racks in interior and exterior spaces.


    The main advantages of the Universal pallet racking system are:

    • Direct access to each pallet - where and when needed.
    • Full use of the space in the warehouse, following its construction and use.
    • Adaptability to any size and weight of a pallet.
    • Quick assembly and disassembly when the shelving system needs to be moved.