Archive shelves are ideal for storing folders, binders, books, drawings, boxes and boxes of documents and more. Archive shelves can be standard, mobile or structured in multi-storey platforms.


Standard archive racks are classic rack shelves with shelves modified and arranged to store archival documents.


Mobile archive racks are a set of racks positioned on mobile bases with wheels that slide on rails mounted on the floor. There is only one working corridor between the individual racking blocks. Employing a handle, the operator can move the racking blocks and open a working aisle where it is necessary to manipulate the relevant documents. This storage system optimizes the archive room to the maximum and is easily adaptable to each room and the stored type of archive.


Archive shelves arranged in a multi-storey platform enhance the height of the room. Access to each floor is via stairs or elevators. This method of storing archives is an optimal option for spaces with an elevation over 4 m and allows for maximum filling of the archive room. Moreover,  it permits improvement with an ideal combination of mobile archive shelves.


PROINSTALL archive shelves are the right option for you. The unique design ensures efficient storage of archival materials placed in binders or archive boxes. The narrow columns of the rack construction allow the use of almost the entire length of the shelf. The low shelf has a height of 30 mm and adjustability of 25 mm, enabling you to use them to their full extent. That allows you to build multiple shelves on top of each other without losing storage space.


The variety of shelving elements allow storage of all types of archive binders and boxes. An appropriate solution ensures that no space on the archive shelves is left unused. If you mainly store folders and binders, we recommend the standard depth of 300 mm for a single-sided shelving unit and 600 mm for a double-sided shelving unit.