Mobile shelving is a shelf system that allows optimal use of available storage space.


Mobile shelving with shelves - is a set of shelving mounted on mobile bases with wheels that slide on rails mounted in / or on the floor. There is only one working corridor between the individual racking blocks. Through a handle, the operator can move the racking blocks and open a working aisle where it is necessary to manipulate the respective goods.


Mobile shelving is an economical and space-saving solution if your stored goods do not need to be available at all times. The shelving system protects the stored products from contamination. If at the next level you increase your stock, you can replace the existing shelf racks with mobile shelves. In this way, you will increase the capacity of your storage space without the need to increase the used storage area.


Mobile shelf racks allow for manual or automatic operation.


Maximum optimization with mobile shelving.


If you are looking for compact space-saving solutions that are easily reconfigurable, we at PROINSTALL have the right system for you. For all types of items, whether they are books, archive boxes, sports equipment, works of art, tires, car parts or electronic components. Our systems offer a solution for goods of any weight and size.


These shelf racks can be used as stand-alone units or as a mobile space-maximizing solution. They are integrative into our mobile self-propelled bases. The system offers many additional features and accessories that give you everything you need to customize your mobile shelving.


They will become just for you. All of our systems designs are per the assignment and storage needs of our clients.


Whether it is a small office or a large warehouse, our flexible and practical mobile shelf racks will aid you in using your valuable storage and office space productively.