Electro-Hydraulic Platforms

Electro-hydraulic platforms (EHPs) are ergonomic workstations for lifting and lowering loads at the required heights in safe, for the operator, conditions. They are used for feeding materials – during    processing - into machines for wood, plastic, glass, steel, ceramics, etc. Additionally, they tend to be used in conveyor and packaging systems.

Electro-hydraulic platforms are used to lift large and heavy loads with minimal change in the height of a building or in an outdoor environment. Material processing of pallets on conveyor systems, loading vehicles; on a mezzanine rack system or often used in conveyor and packaging systems. They can also be used for different access in other industries or find application as an auxiliary device. The range of electro-hydraulic platforms is very large, as they can be found in sizes from 0.6 m to 15 m in length, as well as from 0.35 m to 6.5 m in width. Electro-hydraulic platforms have a maximum lift of up to 6 meters. Depending on the load, the platform can be made of a specific type of steel in combination with other materials to answer the specific needs of each customer and workplace intended for the platform.

Electro-hydraulic platforms are used at airports to load and unload pallets for aircraft, luggage and even vehicles. EHP can solve many logistical problems and be used as a loading ramp.

The main components making up electro-hydraulic platforms are:

  • Upper platform.
  • Lower support frame.
  • Scissor lifting system.
  • Hydraulic lifting system with cylinders.
  • Electrical system with pump motors.

Electro-hydraulic platforms have become a commonly used type of equipment in many different industries.

PROINSTALL offers standard and non-standard electro-hydraulic platforms plus additional equipment for them. If you have any questions, you can contact us and talk to our specialized team, who will be at your disposal.