PROINSTALL offers spare parts for forklifts and storage equipment.

Forklifts, whether powered by a battery or an internal combustion engine, are essential for any business whose operations include lifting heavy loads and handling materials. They are used to safely lift and move heavy loads over long periods of time.

Forklifts are designed to withstand, but as any other technology, forklift parts are susceptible to wear. To keep your machines and employees safe, high-quality forklift parts and accessories are essential. PROINSTALL is your supplier of forklift parts for all your maintenance and repair needs.

The lifespan of a forklift is determined by its maintenance. Each forklift must be carefully inspected, which includes regular maintenance check and replacement of some spare parts.


PROINSTALL supplies original parts for all types and brands of material handling equipment. Most spare parts like tires, filters, controllers, electric motors, batteries, valves, hydraulic pumps, motors, gearboxes, etc. are available in our warehouse.

Maintaining the durability of forklifts requires several things: careful operation, proper maintenance and access to high quality parts and accessories. We offer quality spare parts for almost all brands and models. Our forklift parts are suitable for:

Linde - Toyota - Jungheinrich - Hyster - Still - Mitsubishi - Nissan - BT - Caterpillar - Komatsu - Kalmar - Clark - TCM - Manitou - Yale - Doosan - Fiat - Steinbock - Crown - Atlet - Heli - Hangcha - Baoli - Tailift 

Our extensive warehouse guarantees a short delivery time for any part or accessory you may need.

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Delivering quality parts for forklifts has always been an integral part of PROINSTALL's philosophy. Not only are the new parts subjected to rigorous quality tests, but our wide range of refurbished parts is tested before being shipped to our customers.

PROINSTALL offers over 15 years of experience in forklift parts: every part is available, from the smallest bolts to forklift seats and forks. Our product range is unique on the market and our short delivery times will surely surprise you.

We offer custom-made spare parts for older equipment where the finding spare parts may prove difficult. Due to our in-depth knowledge of machines and spare parts, more and more customers use our services to keep their machines in good condition, providing them with an extended life expectancy.