The reach forklift truck is an electric internal storage machine, one of the most popular types of equipment for warehouses equipped with high pallet racks, where high density of storage of goods and high turnover is required. Reach trucks are forklifts equipped with a moving mast and a narrow chassis, specially designed for working with pallets and working in narrow corridors.

Purpose of the reach truck:

· loading and unloading of pallet racks.

· lifting pallets up to 13m high.

· work in narrow corridors between pallet racks.

· transportation of materials in the warehouse.

The reach truck offers great economic efficiency. Increases storage space by storing loads at high altitudes and reduces the working corridor between the shelving units. With its advantages, the reach truck is the number one choice for any logistics warehouse or production warehouse.

Principle of operation of the reach truck:

Reach trucks offer two main advantages: The first is their compact design, and the second is the incredible lifting height of up to 13,000 millimeters. When placing loads, the reach truck moves its mast forward until the forks come out in front of the machine. This is known as "forward range". The goods are then "pulled" between the front and rear axles for further transport. This principle of operation reduces the overall length of the truck, making it extremely agile. It also improves driving stability and minimizes the need for counterweight compensation. This allows the reach truck to transport loads weighing up to 2.5 tons quickly and safely to its destination.

Reach truck - specialists for work in narrow corridors:

The narrower the corridors between the pallet racks, the more racks you can install in the same area. For this reason, many companies choose a modern warehouse with narrow corridors as part of their logistics solution. It is in such environments that the reach truck demonstrates its full ability. Thanks to the retractable mast and the resulting compactness, they can easily move on the narrowest paths. At the same time, these machines offer very high acceleration as well as impressive lifting speeds, which in turn guarantees excellent performance.