Automated box storage systems are suitable for a wide range of applications. Especially when it comes to storing small parts, automatic storage systems allow high speeds and the highest possible flexibility. Due to their high storage density, these systems are highly cost-effective. PROINSTALL is the right partner to contact when planning, building or upgrading your state-of-the-art box storage warehouse. We offer optimal solutions for a very deep storage warehouse for various boxes, efficiently transported with the help of shuttles or mini-cranes. In combination with several different loading devices, we guarantee optimal control of standard-sized and non-standard sized boxes.


PROINSTALL is a specialist in implementing automated mini-cargo systems for storing small volume units such as plastic storage containers or cardboard boxes. We offer dynamic and energy-efficient storage systems based on your specific requirements. A range of different load handling devices ensures optimal handling of containers and cardboard boxes. As a result, this guarantees high storage density, space efficiency and workflow optimization. Our warehousing and logistics software can manage, monitor and control all processes, thus significantly reducing the error rate. It also helps to achieve high-performance speeds and provides maximum flexibility in the ABSS system. Everything is transparent, energy-saving, the routes of the materials are as short as possible.