• Rack shelves are ideal for storing any type of goods from each branch and materials for direct placement of shelves (small goods, spare parts, boxes, plastic boxes, binders, folders, books, etc.)


    Shelving racks are a self-supporting structure. The rack is a boltless prefabricated structure, made of rolled steel profiles, beams and shelves (shelves), reinforced with diagonals. Standard rack shelves are composed of vertical elements (columns) and horizontal elements (shelves), which allow for the storage of products by dividing them into sections or storing them in boxes. The distance between the shelves and the storage levels can adapt according to the customer's needs at any time, without the need to unload the stored goods from adjacent modules. Through the help of additional elements and accessories, the goods can be divided into levels, can be divided into groups or can be customised.


    Main advantages of standard shelving racks:

    • Shelving racks are the most common shelving system for manual handling of goods and materials;
    • Shelving racks are the best choice for storing light and medium-heavy goods and cargo;
    • Shelving racks adaptable to the individual needs of the client: height, width, depth, number of levels, compartments and more.
    • Shelving racks have a long service life.
    • Shelf racks have easy and quick installation and dismantling when assembling or needing to move the racks.
    • Shelving racks have a large set of accessories to adapt the shelves to the storage of all types of goods.