The ORDER PICKER is a picking machine that allows operators to pick individual items from the high rack system in the warehouse and transfer them to a pallet, trolley or bin, before being distributed for transport to shops, supermarkets and other end customers.

The machine is equipped with a platform and an enclosed cabin that rises as high as the operator requires it to. The maximum working lifting height is up to 11 meters. Machines with a large lifting range are usually used in larger warehouses, as they help to carry out the most time-consuming and expensive warehouse operations and are always part of a larger taskforce of machines.


ORDER PICKER machines are used in numerous industries for any task that involves separating items into individual components, picking them directly from the racking system.


Why choose an ORDER PICKER machine for commissioning?

The machine known as an order picker is an electric lift designed to fill individual customer orders, that require the commissioning of parts or boxes rather than full pallets or unit loads. The order picker machine is used at heights above the second level of racks in a warehouse or distribution centre. They can reach heights of up to 10 m. Order picker machines are usually powered by 24- or 36-volt industrial batteries.



The machines are usually applied in situations where pallet trucks, moving ladders and other methods of commissioning goods have traditionally been used. Their flexible design allows handling of a variety of items, ranging from small items, such as individual car parts or medicine, to larger bulky items such as bicycles, furniture and even domestic appliances. Faster movement, lifting and working with high racks reduces order preparation time. Their manoeuvrability in narrow corridors and a high level of "workability" allow the customer to take full advantage of limited storage space.


Today, warehouses store a large assortment of items due to consumer demand for variety. There is a growing need for a convenient, efficient way of commissioning from the second to the ninth level of pallet racking. Choosing the ORDER PICKER is an ergonomic and economical solution for order  preparation - an important part of warehouse operations - which can save 50 percent of warehouse operating costs.