Gas trucks are an excellent alternative to diesel trucks and electric trucks, they are applicable in a wide range of operations related to cargo and material handling. Gas trucks offer great flexibility and are suitable for both indoor storage and outdoor work. Gas trucks are much more environmentally friendly than diesel forklifts.

 Purpose of the gas trucks:

· loading and unloading of racks installed indoors and outdoors.

· loading and unloading of trucks.

· transport of goods from one building to another.

· supply of consumables for production lines.

Independent machines.

Gas trucks are very suitable for work in remote places where there is no access to electricity and diesel fuel, just take enough spare gas cylinders to make sure that the gas truck can run as long as necessary.

 Gas trucks and harmful emissions.

Gas trucks run on much cleaner fuel than diesel, which means your engines will have a longer life. This machine will not leave residual soot on your materials and goods. This advantage is a special plus for business related products such as food, pharmaceuticals and textiles.

 Gas trucks produce fewer PM10 particles (which are associated with respiratory problems). They also emit less CO2 - which is good news for your staff and for complying with legally binding criteria for reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

 Reliability and refueling.

From a logistical point of view, the gas truck allows faster refueling. Because you will not have to waste time recharging the batteries (which can lead to unplanned and unproductive downtime). Refueling with LPG is fast and hassle-free.

Power and flexibility in gas trucks.

LPG trucks are an excellent choice for diesel and electric machines in terms of power and flexibility. This is because they usually have a better power / weight ratio and more flexible engines. This means that they can easily adapt and cope with various difficult tasks.

Unlike diesel forklifts, which cannot be used in closed storage spaces, and electric forklifts, which are not suitable for long periods of outdoor use. Propane-butane gas trucks are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, your staff should be trained to work with only one type of machine, so you can optimize your fleet of machines, reducing maintenance costs.