Gravity shelving racks is a shelving system in which the shelves are attached at an angle. The goods are loaded from the back of the rack block and removed from the front. All the while, the following item is pulled in its place via gravity.


The shelves are a compilation of different constructions and materials, and their choice depends on the type of stored goods, speed and volume of rotation. The most commonly used shelves consist of panels with rollers. That allows the stored goods to be arranged in boxes or plastic containers.


Gravity racks are integrative into the low levels of pallet racks. In this way, they turn the low levels of the universal pallet racks into a picking zone.


Main advantages of gravity shelves racks:

  • Separate areas for loading and unloading of the shelves allow picking of the goods on both sides at the same time;
  • Reduces distance and time in picking.
  • High rotation of stored goods.
  • Suitable for storage of light and medium-heavy goods and cargo;
  • Easily adaptable to the individual needs of the client: height, number of levels, compartments and more.
  • Long service period.
  • Easy and fast disassembly and assembly in case of need to move the racks.
  • A varying set of accessories needed to adapt the shelves to the storage of all types of goods.