Forklifts are extremely durable and flexible, so the addition of a specialized device can turn a forklift from an ordinary loader into a crane, a tower or even a snowplow.

Advantages of attachments:

· Increased productivity.

· Quick transition between two different tasks.

· Improving safety for people and goods.

· Reduce labor costs.

· Reducing the number of machines.

· Performing specialized tasks.

PROINSTALL offers a wide range of standard and non-standard attachments for forklifts and storage equipment.

Main types of attachments:

· Clamp for rollers of different sizes.

· Paper bale clamps and clamps.

· Clamps and clamps for cartons and white goods.

· Fork positioner for normal and double forks.

· Many pallet manipulators for forks.

· Fork rotators.

· Device for carrying loads without a pallet.

· Telescopic forks.

· Fork extensions.

· Scales for forks.

· Clamps and clamps for transporting barrels.

· Crane attachments for forklifts.

· Snow shovels for forklifts.

· Lifting baskets for workers.

A huge range of forklift attachments, forklift accessories and forklift clamps to make sure you get the most out of your truck at the best possible price.

Lifting attachments are part of the lifting accessories used in conjunction with the truck to lift, carry, push, pull, hold, distribute, rotate, and tighten equipment to improve efficiency and assist or eliminate manual handling efforts. from the user. There are many items in many categories, including forward jumping, drum equipment, boom lifts mounted on forklifts, booms and tines, fork extensions, shovels and snowplows.

We also offer a wide range of specialized mobile devices used to access areas where you work in high altitudes. We offer special and custom fork attachments and full technical assistance with expert in-house production.

At PROINSTALL we can design and manufacture custom attachments for forklifts, if you need help or additional information, contact our office, where we will be happy to assist you in any way.