Warehouse equipment and optimization of your warehouse, service, shop, office, etc. you can find with us in PROINSTALL. Our equipment is comfortable, efficient and has an excellent design, so that you can perform the tasks, activities and work you set - quickly, easily and reliably without difficulty, even the smallest detail can be easy to find and reduce the time you need to prepare orders to a minimum.

Durable storage equipment.

Our main concern is the safety and well-being of our customers. Extremely strong and impact resistant, plastic is not harmful, unlike glass, for example, which can break. In addition, with the type of plastics we use to make our plastic products. You can store your storage goods in a safe and protected place from external factors.

Storage equipment made of durable materials.

Plastic is highly resistant to aggressive environments and chemicals. Non-corrosive and has a long service life. It is durable and very easy to maintain. You can use it again and again.

Easy to recycle storage equipment.

The introduction of recycling systems means that trays, baskets, boxes, bins and other plastic products can be made into something new. We use plastic material that is very easy to recycle.

Safe storage equipment.

Known for its strength, plastic will withstand any application.

Light storage equipment.

The use of a very light material such as plastic means that we can provide products that are large but not too heavy. Our plastic boxes and drawers are storage solutions that can be easily moved from one place to another.

Economical storage equipment.

Plastic is not expensive and because it is cheaper than wood, metal or glass, we are able to provide you with low value products. With our storage products, you can combine style with efficiency at an affordable price.