Radio Shuttle racks are an automated solution for managing a multi-depth pallet storage system characterized by a large number of operations and a large number of warehousing items.


Powered by batteries, the shuttle moves on rails in a storage channel in the rack block, being directed to the racks by remote control. Pallets are over the rack unit without the aid of a truck, increasing storage capacity and reducing working hours, the risk of accidents and the costs arising from damaged racks.


Handling of pallets outside the rack is done with the help of a car. The car places the shuttle on the rails of the row where the pallets are to be stored. The load is taken by a shuttle, which transports it to the rack, without further human intervention, by order of the operator. Once the operation is complete, the shuttle automatically returns to the front of the rack to receive the next load.


Meanwhile, operators can work to prepare the next pallet for loading without wasting time.


All of which leads to an optimized warehouse with increased efficiency, high productivity and the highest safety of goods and operators.



  • Reduces the loading and unloading time of goods.
  • Optimize space and increased storage capacity.
  • Low risk of accidents.
  • Reduce damage to the shelving system.
  • Shuttles can be added over time to increase productivity.
  • Fast charging and efficient lithium-ion batteries.
  • High speed of processed pallet units.
  • Long life of the racking pallet system.

Powered by a powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion battery and controlled by a bidirectional radio frequency transceiver, the radio shuttle also includes modern laser remote and positioning systems for accurate and safe pallet handling. The built-in functions for LIFO and FIFO modes and the optional version for cold storage, operating down to -23 ° C, make the radio shuttle a multifunctional product.