Self-propelled boom lifts

Self-propelled boom lifts or scissor lifts are highly efficient, safe, and an ideal solution for high-altitude work in modern industry. They are perfect for maneuvering in tight spaces with high to reach places and are effective assistants for outdoor and indoor work. All functions - lifting, lowering, moving forward and backward are under the control of the operator. The design of the machine allows work in tight spaces. There is a built-in control panel in the basket, which allows movement from above without wasting time. Through the control panel, you can perform several functions simultaneously so that you can do the job more efficiently and conveniently. Scissor lifts are easy to maintain and service, low noise, and highly reliable. They are your best partner in height work.

Types of machines offered by PROINSTALL:

· electric shears.

· diesel telescopic platforms.

· auto platforms.

· Spider towers

Working range of self-propelled boom lifts.

Self-propelled platforms operate at 5 m to over 28 m high. All are compact and maneuverable and can be driven by the platform in any position, saving time and improving efficiency. Self-propelled lifting platforms are ideal for industrial or construction environments.

The self-propelled boom lifts are equipped with drive systems that allow the machine to be driven to the work area. The ability to cover distances quickly between work sites makes self-propelled platforms a very productive solution, especially where operators move considerable distances or make frequent trips in the process.

Another advantage of self-propelled towers is the capacity and deck to carry many workers, their tools, and materials at height. Scissor lifts offer a platform capacity of up to 1000 kg.

Electronic control makes self-propelled platforms easy to operate and helps to maximize their efficiency in every task.

Power options for self-propelled boom lifts.

Power options available for self-propelled platforms include a battery with electric power, a gasoline engine, a diesel engine, and a hybrid engine (e.i. battery and diesel) - combining the advantages of two power sources on the same machine.

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