The electric forklifts offered by PROINSTALL are environmentally efficient, reliable and robust machines.

Electric forklift trucks are quiet, economical and environmentally friendly machines for working with a wide range of loads. Designed primarily for indoor use, electric trucks are the perfect choice for any material handling operation, from lifting and loading racks to moving loads to warehouses and production facilities.

Purpose of electric forklift trucks:

· loading and unloading of shelving indoors.

· loading and unloading of trucks and containers on a ramp.

· domestic warehousing of goods.

· supply of consumables for production lines.

· work in refrigerators.

· application in the food industry.

Electric trucks are ideal for your warehousing operations as they are fast and easy to maneuver. This is especially true for 3-wheel electric trucks, which have a very small turning radius. With a maximum lifting height of up to 6 meters, electric trucks are suitable for most standard storage racks.

For production environments, electric trucks are suitable for delivering consumables or components to a production line or for clearing packaging waste or other manufacturing products. They can additionally be used for loading or unloading trucks from the rear of the vehicle (via a lifting ramp) or from the side (from ground level).

Battery-powered electric trucks are the most environmentally friendly option on the market. They do not emit smoke and harmful emissions during operation. They are quieter and more manoeuvrable than truck-powered counterparts with internal combustion engines. This is due to the weight of the battery, acting as an effective counterweight, allowing the truck to be more compact. The cost of recharging the battery is significantly lower than gas trucks and forklifts loaded with diesel fuel.

Electric trucks are easier to operate than machines powered by internal combustion engines, as they only have an accelerator pedal and a brake pedal, unless they are hydrostatically driven. The maintenance and servicing costs of electric trucks are significantly lower than alternative machines powered by internal combustion engines.