Racks with shelves - these are modular cargo storage systems. The construction of shelf racks allows direct storage of different types of goods and materials on the shelves. These racks are ideal in any area of trade, industry, pharmacy, storage, archiving and much more. Each shelf rack system is customised to meet the needs and specific requirements of each customer. Design of support for construction and acceptance of storage space functionally and optimally, increasing the storage capacity and bringing clear order of the stored goods and materials. Shelves with self-supporting structures: the peculiarity of them is that they possess a boltless prefabricated structure, made of rolled steel profiles, beams and shelves (shelves), reinforced with diagonals. They are composed of vertical elements (columns) and horizontal elements (shelves), which allow for the storage of products, divided into sections or stored inboxes. The distance between the shelves and the storage levels can be adjusted when necessary to a given stored product, without the need to disassemble the rack module to be used, as this will not appear on modern modules. With the help of additional elements and accessories, goods can be divided into levels, add ordered groups or individually targeted efficiencies.

Main advantages of standard shelving racks:
Rack shelves are the most common shelving system for manual handling of goods and materials.
Rack shelves are adaptable to individual customer needs - height, width, depth, number of levels, compartments and more.
Shelving racks have a long service life.
They have quick and easy assembly and disassembly when installing or needing to move the racks.