Rental of forklifts and logistics equipment, incl. forklifts, gas forklift, electric forklifts, reach trucks, stackers, electric pallet trucks. All rental machines undergo technical inspection and maintenance prior reaching our clients. For your convenience, we provide transport to your warehouse, as well as on-site service during the rental period.

We offer:

  • short-term rental of forklifts and storage equipment.
  • long-term rental of all types of forklifts, lifting and transport equipment.
  • transport to the customer's warehouse.
  • installation and commissioning.
  • mobile service during the rental period.

By renting a machine, we provide the necessary equipment in case of:

  • extreme short-term need for a lifting machine;
  • current or seasonal peak in your warehouse activity;
  • waiting for the delivery date of a newly purchased machine;
  • lack of budget for the purchase of new equipment.
  • replacement machine during the repair time of the main.

PROINSTALL rental solutions are not only for quick delivery of machinery and other equipment you urgently need - you will also receive all the necessary advice and guidelines and you will have guaranteed flexibility both before and after the execution of your order. In this way, companies can benefit from our flexible solutions to help them during these busy periods.

Our service allows you to respond to additional work peaks, last minute changes and unforeseen events in an appropriate and cost-effective way. Anywhere in the country, you can count on PROINSTALL for short or long term rentals, tailored to the requirements of each client.

Our approach combines recognized standards with adjustments made in response to local customer needs. The result is the ideal solution in the form of flexible rental options ranging from one day to ten years. What's more, PROINSTALL rental solutions also provide a clear and practical way to test the services we offer.