Cantilever racks are ideal for storing goods and materials of non-standard sizes, long and narrow or sheet materials, organized in bundles, such as profiles, pipes, sheets of sheet metal, bundles with chipboard panels, and more.


Cantilever racks are a self-supporting, prefabricated structure made of partially welded components. It is made of standard rolled steel profiles and is reinforced with the help of horizontal beams and reinforcing bars with tensioners.


There are specific types of cantilever racks for each product and each industry. They differ according to the requirements, the height, the depth used, the load capacity or the cross-sectional thickness of the elements used. All cantilever racks are manufactured individually according to customer requirements. They can be coated with either a high-quality powder coating or hot-dip galvanized for outdoor installation and storage of materials outdoors. Cantilever racks for one-sided or two-sided service are available in different versions.


Main advantages of cantilever racks:

  • Direct access to each load.
  • Full use of the space in the warehouse, per its construction and use.
  • Adaptability to any size and weight of the goods.
  • Allow storage of long loads such as beams, profiles, pipes, timber, foil, rolls of fabric and others;
  • Simultaneous storage of goods of different lengths.
  • The high load-bearing capacity of the rack construction.


Long loads can often be tough to store, but a cantilever racking system can provide you with the crucial storage of your materials. Whether preserving pipes, long timber beams or plastic pipes, cantilever racks are the best solution for your warehouse needs.


Our cantilever solutions for non-standard materials provide you with flexibility, as they allow you to adjust the shelving height to best suit your needs. We offer a large selection of altitudes, widths and lengths of console racks.


If you have any questions about cantilever racks or design related to your storage needs, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to offer the best solution for the warehousing and logistics of your products and materials.