PROINSTALL offers the best for every need and requirement from warehousing, lifting and logistics equipment: from classic forklifts, through innovative warehousing equipment to efficient manipulators and tractors. Whether you need machines for internal or external handling of loads and transport of several hundred kilograms or up to several tons, or whether it is powered by an internal combustion engine or electricity, we will offer you the best solution for you. All trucks have the same requirements: to be easy to use, powerful, flexible, easy to adapt to the production environment and safe. These performance parameters make all lifting machines simply efficient. We at PROINSTALL offer them:

-Attachments and devices for material handling equipment.

Lifting attachments are part of the lifting accessories used in conjunction with the truck to lift, carry, push, pull, hold, distribute, rotate, and tighten equipment to improve efficiency and assist or eliminate manual handling efforts. from the user. There are many items in many categories, including forward jumping, drum equipment, boom lifts mounted on forklifts, booms and tines, fork extensions, shovels and snowplows.

-Spare parts for material handling equipment.

The lifespan of a forklift is determined by its maintenance. Each forklift must be carefully inspected, which includes regular maintenance and replacement of some spare parts.

-Warranty and out-of-warranty service for material handling equipment.

Regular service is just as important to our company as selling products. Our forklift and warehouse equipment services are available to you at any time and in any region. Our service plans support your business and help you make the most of your equipment. This way you can plan all projects with complete confidence.

-Long-term or short-term rental of material handling equipment.

PROINSTALL rental solutions are not only for fast delivery of the machines and equipment you urgently need - you will also receive all the necessary advice and guidelines and you will have guaranteed flexibility both before and after the execution of your order. In this way, companies can take advantage of our flexible solutions to help them during these busy periods.