Electric pallet truck: these are internal storage machines designed to transport pallets to shops, warehouses and production facilities. They are designed to make pallet handling faster, easier and safer, saving a lot of time and increasing productivity.

Electric pallet trucks are mainly used in a storage environment to move pallets from one area to another, loading and unloading transport equipment from a ramp.

The small size of the trolleys allows them to work in tight spaces in the warehouse and narrow working corridors between the pallet racks. They are safe to use in a closed storage environment as they do not produce harmful emissions.

Electric pallet trucks provide a wide range of options for all industries. The choice of lifting capacity from 1.3 to 2.5 tons and the availability of rich optional equipment allows you to configure a cart that fully meets your requirements.

PROINSTALL offers a wide range of electric pallet trucks.

We can meet even the most diverse requirements in terms of cargo handling. This machine is the ideal solution for transporting pallets in warehouses or for loading and unloading trucks and trailers.

Electric pallet trucks are designed and engineered to ensure strength, power and maneuverability in small spaces. The construction is made of bent sheet metal to minimize any stresses caused by welding, providing greater mechanical resistance over time. The battery compartment can be easily opened by lifting the lid, simplifying daily and periodic recharging and checking of the battery.

Electric pallet trucks are equipped with reliable and powerful three-phase AC traction motors. Anti-roll back and anti-roll devices. All parameters of traction and electric braking are adjusted electronically using a software console. There are three braking systems in the entire range: braking by reversing the direction of travel and releasing the throttle. Emergency stop, which is performed automatically if the lever is suddenly released or released by an electromagnet brake and a parking brake.