Repair service for forklifts and storage equipment is offered by PROINSTALL. The company has maintenancevehicles equipped with a full set of tools for all types of repairs and routine maintenance, as well as on-site repairsavailable at any time and throughout the country.

PROINSTALL Forklift and Warehouse Equipment services provide:

  • Excellent service of all brands of forklifts and storage equipment.
  • Machinery diagnosis of forklifts and storage equipment.
  • Fast delivery of consumables and spare parts throughout the country.
  • Support in warranty and out-of-warranty period.
  • On-site repair and service.
  • Maintenance base for heavy repairs and renovation of forklifts and storage equipment.
  • Testing and repair of batteries and charging stations for electric forklifts.
  • Assembly and disassembly of tires for forklifts and storage equipment.
  • Transport and relocation of forklifts and storage equipment.

Regular service is just as important to our company as selling products. Our forklift and warehouse equipment services are available to you at any time and place. We support your business and help you use the full potential your material handling equipment. This way you can plan all projects with complete confidence in your machinery.

We will customize our services to meet your needs. Our team consists of trained, highly qualified specialists in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, hydraulics, tires, electronics, mechanics and automation.

To keep your machines and employees safe, high-quality forklift parts and accessories are essential. PROINSTALL is your supplier of forklift parts for all your maintenance and repair needs.

The lifespan of a forklift is determined by its maintenance. Each forklift must be carefully inspected, which includes regular maintenance and replacement of some spare parts.