• Multi-storey shelving racks - allow for an effective increase in storage capacity to be achieved while minimizing costs. They are an excellent solution for storing a wide range of medium and light loads that require manual control. Their application is the most diverse due to the adjustability of the shelving system.


    The multi-storey racks with shelves are designed and built according to the proportions of the stored goods, the storage room and logistics of the stored products.


    The shelving system is installed high shelving blocks connected by floors between them, thus forming a multi-store volumetric shelving structure on two or more levels. Moving from one flooring to another is done through stairs or elevators installed in the configuration.


    Main advantages of multi-storey shelving with shelves:

    • Optimization of storage space in height.
    • Maximum use of storage space.
    • Allow direct manual access to stored goods.
    • Flexibility in storage and quick adaptation when changing stored materials.
    • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.
    • A variety of accessories permit the storage of any type of goods.




    Robust and stable structure

    PROINSTALL shelf racks allow you to store goods and materials in any form. Due to their flexibility and high load capacity, they meet all the necessary load capacity requirements.


    Surface coating - galvanized.

    The galvanized version of the multi-storey shelves with PROINSTALL shelves meet the strict design criteria and norms. These shelves are ideal in aggressive environments since they do not corrode and in no way damage the stored goods. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain.


    Standardized sizes.

    The racks in the multi-storey platform are made in standardized sizes to be interchangeable. The appropriate shelf depth for single-row and double-sided storage shelves, including shelf length and height, correspond accordingly. As a result, it minimizes the restrictions on adding and removing elements from the shelving system.



    PROINSTALL rack shelves are improvable with accessories. They allow specialized use or increase the storage convenience. Accessories include varying types of stoppers, partitions, lids, drawers, doors, boxes and much more.