Robotic logistics solutions offered by PROINSTALL will provide the necessary optimization for your business.

Investing in warehouse robotics leads to increased productivity and accuracy in stock management. Human error can be costly for businesses and lead to lower customer satisfaction. The warehouse robot automates the processing, diving, sorting and loading of products with precision, thus ensuring higher accuracy in the execution of orders.

Warehouses can increase operational efficiency, reduce errors and execute orders with greater accuracy by implementing the optimal robots. Warehouse robots automate manual execution, so workers can focus their time and energy on working with complex tasks that require fine motor skills or critical thinking.

Robotics play a pivotal role in warehouse automation and addresses common supply chain management challenges, including:

  • More complex and dangerous tasks to perform.
  • Change order profiles.
  • Rising wage costs for workers.
  • A labour shortage in the market.

ROBOTIC LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS support the following warehousing operations:


Picking is the most common storage operation performed by storage robots. Much of the execution of orders and loading involves collecting and moving products to collect items to order or to place products in containers or racks. Robot dives reduce order processing time and associated costs by reducing warehouse travel time.


Although sorting is easy for humans, it is a complex automation operation. Sorting robots in the warehouse usually work with the help of conveyors, devices, cameras, sensors and algorithms that allow them to correctly identify the items to position them in the right places.


The packaging process has high requirements for human operators, including continuous speed, reliability, inspection, sorting, accuracy and dexterity. Whether the robots are for packaging primary or secondary products, they can perform these tasks sequentially at high speed without the need for interruption. Robots perform tasks with maximum repeatability and give high productivity.


Moving items from one end of the warehouse to the other is a physically laborious task. Warehouse robots can transport orders from dive zones to sorting and storage areas.


Warehouse robots can automate loading workflows, reducing inventory and backing contractors through automated reordering. Such automated systems can monitor stock levels and send signals when they fall below the minimum threshold.

Robots add significant value to warehousing operations. They help eliminate errors, speed up order execution, reduce overhead and running costs, and facilitate better inventory management.