Mezzanine type platforms are ideal for increasing the sufficiency of storage and production areas in warehouses with an altitude over 4.5 m.


Metal platforms are always designed and manufactured according to customer requirements, so each platform is unique.


Metal platforms are self-supporting, prefabricated floor structures made of partially welded components. Their construction combines standard rolled and cold-formed steel sections, reinforced with the help of stabilizing beams and reinforcements with tensioners. Access to the floor levels is via stairs. The platforms are improvable with various accessories, such as elevators, positions for feeding goods and materials, nets, labels, lighting, and more.


Advantages of Metal platforms:

  • Optimal use of storage height.
  • Storage spaces in previously constructed warehouses are increased.
  • Modular system with straightforward assembly and disassembly.
  • Easy to combine with other types of shelves.
  • A greater weight load capacity and stability of the structure.
  • Mezzanine type platforms are ideal in increasing storage capacity and production areas in places with an elevation over 4.5 m.