PROINSTALL designs and produces non-standard storage equipment for special loads with non-standard sizes and weights.


For example:

  • Racks for car tires.
  • Shelves for reels with wound cables.
  • Racks for auto parts.
  • Shelves for refrigerators.
  • Hot galvanized shelves for outdoor installation and aggressive environment.
  • Matrix racks.
  • Shelves on wheels.
  • Racks for wooden boards.
  • Shelves for sheet metal.
  • Shelving for pipes.
  • Racks for bolts and nuts.
  • Shelves for food products.
  • Fruit racks.
  • Vegetable racks.
  • Fish racks.
  • Car racks.
  • Racks for spare parts.
  • Mushroom racks.


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