The VNA Forklift is designed to work with pallet loads in especially narrow corridors between the racking blocks of the pallet racks and to stack pallets up to 17 m high.


VNA forklifts run on battery powered electric motors. The main mast raises the operator to a height of 15 meters (depending on the model), while the driver sits in a cabin that is raised by a dome. This vantage point offers the operator a clear and accurate idea of the pallet processing, thus improving handling time. This feature allows the operator to perform one or more tasks simultaneouslyincreasing accuracy in inventory and management of goods.


The forks are mounted on a smaller front mast that rotates 180 degrees, giving the operator access to both sides of the rack. The front mast provides the operator with an additional 2 meters of height. Depending on the model, these machines allow pallet processing up to 17 meters. The forks move on a rail system mounted to the front mast, allowing the operator to direct them to the required position to lift and move the pallet.


VNA forklifts move on the ground with the help of rail guidance or inductive guidance, which controls the machine during operation on the track, which allows it to operate at extremely high speeds - up to 16 km / h. This ensures quick pallet handling, with increased productivity.


The VNA forklift is an extremely specialized machine and should therefore only be used for high volume applications. They are the fastest option in terms of load handling per hour.


If you need a high-density storage warehouse, the VNA forklift can save up to 50% more space than a standard electric forklift and 25% more than a reach truck.


The VNA manipulator is ideal for applications where the relocation or cost of land is high, such as large refrigerated warehouses and logistics centers.


Advantages of VNA forklift:

  • Significantly faster processing of pallets, which increases productivity.
  • Reduces operator error, since they have a clear view of the loads they are handling.
  • Reduces the risk of damage to the pallet racks.
  • Reduces the width of the working corridor to 1.6 meters, increasing storage capacity.
  • Highest shelving height up to 16 meters, increasing storage capacity.


Disadvantages of VNA forklift:

  • VNA forklifts are designed to work in narrow corridors and at high altitudes. Therefore, they cannot be used for other applications, unlike other storage machinery.
  • VNA forklifts require a spare machine of the same type to service the racks. Due to the fact that another type of storage equipment cannot work in corridors with dimensions of 1.6 m. between the racking blocks.
  • Significantly more expensive than standard warehouse machines or forklifts, they require larger capital investments in equipment and shelving.
  • Safety procedures and policies must be implemented. To ensure that no obstacles are detected in the path of the VNA forklift. Due to the high speeds at which they work, significant damage can occur to workers in the warehouse, racks and machine.


If you are interested in introducing a VNA FORKLIFT in your warehouse, rack equipment designers must work closely with your machine supplier to ensure maximum productivity, capacity, safety and return on investment.